Name: Melanie Simon

Job Title: Mad scientist, electric conductor, dancer, dreamer.

Skincare Icon: Cher in Moonstruck. Perfectly luminous and pretty and real.

Why Serum C: Once I developed this formula, I knew it could only be on its best behavior if it had 10 minutes to set, or glaze, on skin. It’s worth the wait.

My 10 Minutes: I make a cup of tea, and get my clothes ready for the day.

Nighttime ritual: As much sleep as possible. Nine hours minimum.

Daily Wonder: Electricity is all around and all through you. It’s just that only sometimes we can see it and feel it, but it is always omnipresent. It’s my canvas.

5 Essential Things: ZIIP, Serum C, Wyoming snow, coffee with heavy whipping cream, endless baths.

Words to Live By: Be vibrant.